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We have 85 romance tropes spread between our four different categories on My Sweet Romance Books. Now, that's a whole lot of lovin' to go around!

Want to know what's getting the most love?


Country diners, single traffic lights, unlocked front doors, and familiar faces--what's not to love about a classic small town love story? Spread across three of our four romance categories, we have over 200 books listed under our small town romance trope and we are not mad about it! Find which small town vibe fits your mood best with just a few clicks!

A tale as old as friends that have only ever placed each other in the friend zone, find that everything they have every been looking for has been right there in front of them the whole time. It's what the best rom coms are made of! Friends to lovers never disappoints and we can prove it with just a few page turns.

There's something so magical about a romance that takes place during an era of petticoats, stolen glances, high society functions, and subtle wit. I think many of us wouldn't mind leaving the reality of the 21st century for an hour or two and experiencing a time where a simple touch of ones hand as he helps a love interest into a carriage can say more than any kiss (where are my Pride and Prejudice fans at?).

Now, these are the books that give you the real spice without it getting too spicy, if you know what I mean! A classic story of she hates him, he hates her, but fate brings them together in some twisted series of events making them realize that their hate is now passionate love. It's a Hallmark dream! Nothing is boring when it comes to an enemies to lovers trope and that's why it had to be in our top 5!

In a world where the most successful billionaire romance story is definitely something you wouldn't want your grandma to know you read (*cough* 50 Shades of Gray *cough*), we are just glad that we have some amazing clean romance authors that can give us the glam and drama without the 'R' rating content! Having a sneak peak into the life of a billionaire AND adding romance? Yes, please!

What are your top 5 romance tropes? While we only highlighted 5, there are 80 more tropes filled with books just waiting to become your next favorite read! Start browsing now!

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