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  • How do I know if my book is the right fit for My Clean Bookshelf?
    My Clean Bookshelf strives to make it easier for readers that prefer clean novels of all categories to find their next favorite read. To fulfill our readers' needs as well as help our authors reach their target audience, every book submission goes through an approval process to ensure they fit our mission. Please refer to Our Book Standards to better determine if your book is a good fit for the website.
  • Will I receive an email indicating my book is approved and live on the website?
    No. The only time you will receive an email in regards to the approval/dispproval of your book, is if your book HAS NOT been approved. If you do not receive an email from our team within 3-4 businesses days of submitting your form, then congrats! Your book has been approved and is on the website!
  • How do I know if my book has been approved for the website?
    IF YOUR BOOK IS APPROVED You should expect to see your book listing up on the website within 3-4 business days. Please check the relevant category pages on the website after 3-4 business days to confirm your book has been added -- you will NOT BE EMAILED when your book is live. IF YOUR BOOK IS NOT APPROVED You will receive an email from our team within 3-4 business days of submitting your form indicating your book does not meet our guidelines, and it unfortunately cannot be listed on our website.
  • How long will it take to get my book up on the website?
    We ask our authors to give our team 3-4 buinesses days to approve and list their book(s). If after 3-4 business days from when you submitted your form you do not see your book listed on the website nor have you received any type of email from our team, please contact us using our form here. We appreciate your patience!
  • How is my subscription money used to promote my book(s) on the website?
    My Clean Bookshelf uses subscription money for advertising on various social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram to entice both readers and authors to the website. Our team has a great amount of experience when it comes to advertising to the world of book lovers as we are apart of a larger company (Howard Marketing Group) where we specialize in creating and managing ads for our author clients! Our team also concentrates a lot of our time, effort, and love into building upon our social media accounts where we enjoy frequently highlighting our authors and their amazing books listed on the website.
  • What steps are taken to help my book be successful on My Clean Bookshelf?
    At My Clean Bookshelf, we commit to the following: 1. Maintaining and growing a Newsletter to be sent to readers that enjoy sweet romance. 2. Facebook ads, Tiktok posts, and Instagram posts promoting the website and the books that are featured on it. 3. Ensuring the quality of the website is 100% up to our rigorous quality driven standards.
  • How do I know if my book meets the "clean" standards of the website?
    If you need help determining if your book is a good fit for our website, please feel free to refer to this guide: Writing Gals Clean & Wholesome Category Content Diagram.
  • As a subscriber, where can I go to add a book listing, edit one of my current book listings, or remove a book listing?"
    You can make all of these additions, edits, or cancellations in your My Clean Bookshelf account. Login to your account by going to the For Authors page, locating the login icon in the top right corner, and entering your login credentials. Once logged in, use the arrow next to the login icon, to navigate to the desired page and make any additions, edits, or cancellations to your book listings.
  • How can I update my book cover on my book listing?
    Start by filling out the "Update a Book Listing" form. It's there that you can either submit a link to where we can download the new book cover and update the listing, OR you are instructed to email us at with the following info: 1. Subject line : "BOOK COVER UPDATE REQUEST" 2. Body: Your name & book title 3. Attachment : Your new 2-D book cover (like the ones you see listed on Amazon)
  • What kind of book cover image do I need for my listing?
    We need a 2-D cover image for your book listing just like what Amazon uses for their book listings and adverstisments.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    We are sad to see any of our amazing authors go! But if you must cancel your subscription and as a result take down any book listing from the website, you can do this simply by logging into your account from the For Authors page and going to My Subscriptions. From there you can click "Cancel" next to your subscription. Once your billing cycle ends, you will no longer be charged and your book listings will all be taken down.
  • What should I do if I see a book on here that I think violates website guidelines?
    Our goal for My Clean Bookshelf is to show the world that there is such a thing as great AND clean books to enjoy; therefore, we do our best to follow strict guidelines to ensure that every book that is listed on our website is in fact, clean. HOWEVER, we are human and sometimes a book gets through our screening process that does not meet our guidelines. If you know of a book (and can prove) that does not meet the My Clean Bookshelf standards, please contact us using our Contact Us form on our website. We want My Clean Bookshelf to be an easy way to find "clean" books, and we will do our best to uphold that purpose.
  • How do I switch out a book listing with a different book?
    Please fill out our quick "Remove a Book Listing" form and request your current book listing to be removed from the website. You can access this form by logging into your My Clean Bookshelf account. Next, fill out the "Submit a Book" form (also found in your account) with the new book's information. Please allow our team 3-4 business days to make the switch.


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