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Book Content Standards

My Sweet Romance Books strives to make it easier for readers that prefer clean romance novels to find their next favorite read. To fulfill our readers' needs and to help our authors reach their target audience, every book submission goes through an approval process to ensure they fit our "clean sweet romance" category.

We have created a set of guidelines and standards to help both our authors and readers understand what kinds of books can be listed on the website. We understand that some areas are subjective, but we believe this is the best way to stay as consistent as possible with our content. Please see below.


Minimal use of mild swear words is acceptable.
No instances of the "F" word.


Excessive Violence: We do not allow books with excessive violence.

Example: violence that may be shocking, excessive gory details, etc.
Domestic violence: Books referencing rape or other domestic violence instances in minimal detail are allowed.

Example: you may say that a character was raped and discuss the associated emotional trauma, but you may not describe the physical rape scene or flashbacks.

Need more help? If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions, your book may be too violent.

  1. Is violence fairly detailed? Would you consider it graphic violence?

  2. Are there some blood/guts/gore?

  3. Is the violence shocking?

  4. Is violence described in gory detail?

  5. Would you rate your book as Adult, or Adult+?

Physical Interaction

Books that fall into any of the 3 categories in the Clean and Wholesome Category Content Diagram by the Writing Gals below are acceptable.

C&W Writing Gals Diagram.png
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