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Your 2023 Reading List, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final installment of our 2023 Reading List ideas. In the first post, we explored the top two romance tropes on My Sweet Romance Books. In the second post, we gave examples from the top 5 romance tropes of 2022.

Today, I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the less familiar--but by no means less enjoyable-- tropes on My Sweet Romance Books. There are so many fun romances out there! I hope my list today will inspire you to branch out and put some new kinds of romance books on your 2023 bucket list. Here we go!


Fantasy can mean outer space, paranormal, princes and castles, magic, and anything in between! You can find the "Fantasy" trope under Romance, YA Romance, and Historical Romance for books such as:

Find Me by Francesca Riley

Seventeen-year-old Skye doesn’t believe in happy ever after. And she knows that love hurts; her broken father is a constant reminder. But when she returns to the seaside village where her mother drowned, she meets Hunter, a mysterious, compelling swimmer who never seems to leave the water. Beautiful and mesmerizing, he is like no one she has ever known. But Hunter is cursed. And Skye shouldn't be able to see him at all . . . [read more]

Painting Rain by Annette K. Larsen

A year ago, Princess Lorraina watched Tobias die, and she still doesn't know how she's supposed to heal—or forgive. How can she when she’s still running away? She decides to do the only thing that brings her joy—paint. In an attempt to reinvent herself, she steps outside her comfortable life as princess and seeks . . . [read more]


Look for this trope under Romance. From firefighters to marines, swoon over a tough, yet loyal, honor-bound hero in romances like this one:

A Match for the Marine by Jess Mastorakos

After working my way to the top, I’m in the running to become the CEO of Southern California’s premier matchmaking service. All I have to do is outmatch my conniving co-worker. Maintaining my perfect track record should be no problem, especially since my client is a hot Marine with bulging biceps and a killer smile. Matching him up should be easy as pie. . . . [read more]


There is something irresistible about your secret celebrity crushes, right? Fall in love with the famous, guitar-playing heartthrob in this trope that you'll find in both the YA Romance and Romance categories.

Billionaire Rockstar by Julie L. Spencer

His girlfriend dumped him on New Year’s Eve, and everyone else gets close to him for his money and fame. His best chance at finding love is to meet a girl who has no idea he’s a rock star. Quiet, unassuming Megan wants nothing to do with love. Her goal is to finish her last year of college, focused on her studies. Having a boyfriend can wait until after graduation. When they meet in the most unlikely place . . . [read more]


Breathe in new life and hope while reading this trope found in our Women's Fiction category.

It’s been five years since Evelyn’s beloved husband passed, but the 55 year old is stuck in the past. Evelyn’s sister has had enough, so she buys her a trip to their old summer getaway, Martha’s Vineyard, where Evelyn learns she’s not alone after meeting Wanda, a divorcee with a secret, and Bitty, a sassy widow. As the three women make fast friends, they help each other learn how to move forward and start living again. But, Evelyn’s newfound inspiration to move on is tested when she reunites with an old flame. . . [read more]


This increasingly popular romance trope will keep you on the edge of your seat. Check out our romantic suspense selections under both Romance and Historical Romance for gripping novels, such as:

Hold Your Breath by Amy Martinsen

Aleksandr Zhuk is a sociopath who has evaded the CIA for decades. Kate humiliated him and now he wants revenge. And will stop at nothing to get it. Kate, John, and the U-Tap team of mom-spies must stop this ruthless killer before he releases a deadly chemical weapon on US soil. Can Kate’s faith in God give her the strength to face this madman? Or will hundreds die with just one breath? . . . [read more]


Everybody loves a good second chance story, right? This trope can be found under YA Romances, and a very similar trope titled "Divorce" is in our Women's Fiction category.

Spring by Amy Ruth Allen

Spring expects to see beautiful yellow and pink tulips blooming when she arrives in Finch’s Crossing. But she does not expect to see him. The man who broke her heart twenty years earlier. And has he named his little bookshop after her? Really? How dare he even try to talk to her! She has only come for a quick visit with her sister. After all, she has only come . . . [read more]


Last, but not least, romance meets mystery in this delightful Historical Romance trope. Curl up with a "cozy mystery" such as:

The Duke Conspiracy by Wendy May Andrews

Miss Rosamund Smythe is finding the Marriage Mart a dead bore. She’d much rather continue working for her father as a spy than endure another minute of the Season. But things take an interesting turn when she overhears details of a plot against her childhood friend and first love. A family feud drove them apart years ago, but he still holds a special place in her heart,

and she won’t let anyone hurt him—not now, not

ever. . . [read more]


And there you have it! From classic and popular romance themes to new and exciting tropes you may not have yet considered, there is something for everyone on My Sweet Romance Books. I hope these collections have given you some inspiration for your own 2023 reading list.

Happy reading! ❤️

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