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Your 2023 Reading List, Part 2

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Last week, we took a look at the most popular tropes on our website: Small Town and Regency Romance. Today we are going to explore some fantastic books in the most popular romance tropes from 2022. Ready?

5 Most Popular Romance Tropes From 2022

1. Enemies to Lovers

2. Friends to Lovers

3. Workplace Romance

4. Fake Relationship

5. Billionaire/Royal Romance

Not a big surprise, huh? These kinds of romances are so popular right now, and for good reason! Who doesn't love the tension of an enemies-to-lovers romance, the inner conflicts of a fake relationship that starts to feel real, or the ultimate escapism of a billionaire or royal romance? You can find each of these romance troupes in a few different places on our website.

1) Enemies to Lovers

Look under Romance or YA Romance for "Enemies-to-Lovers" romances like these:

All That Stands Between Us by Annette K. Larsen

Julie has lived next door to the Martins her entire life, but the days of backyard barbecues and lake vacations ended six years ago. That’s when the feud began. Now, returning to her hometown for the holidays, she has to face not only her parents’ exhausting bitterness, but the agonizing realization that the irresistible guy who just asked her out is in fact a Martin, and therefore off limits. . . . [read more]

Kissing the Skater Boy by Christina Herrera

It all started at our small private school, Hidden Shores Academy, on the first day. The new kid was texting as he came down the stairs. His longboard slipped out of his fingers, smacking me right in the face. His first reaction should have been to check if I was okay, but no, his gut instinct told him to check and see how his precious board survived the attack. Of course, he ended up in almost all my classes. No matter what I do, he keeps . . . [read more]

2) Friends to Lovers

Look under Romance or YA Romance for this popular trope as well:

Rules Don't Apply by Mylissa Demeyere

Abby is sure of a lot of things in life: her spot in the engineering program at Berkeley, her obsession for Chris, and her guaranteed slot in the friend zone. But this year is going to be different. . . . [read more]

When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes

Presley Hays and Brandon Scott were best friends in High School until Morgan entered their town and stole Brandon’s heart. Devastated, Presley took a scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu, but five years later, she is back in Star Lake after a tough breakup.

Brandon thought he’d never return to Star Lake after Morgan left him and his daughter Joy, but when his father needs help, he returns home and finds . . . [read more]

3) Workplace Romance

Look under Romance for "Office Romance", or head over to Women's Fiction for tropes like "Inheriting", "Entrepreneur", and "Bakery" to find workplace romances like these:

Small Town Shepherd by Nala Henkel-Aislinn

Sam lost her job and her boyfriend on the same day. In an emotional tailspin, she makes a radical decision—leave the big city for a small town, get a regular job, and slam the door on men and romance.

Brody is picking up the pieces after divorce. He’s hoping for a fresh start in the small community of Maple Cove. Instead, he’s forced to co-manage a failing animal hospital with Sam, who hates him on sight. . . [read more]

Josephine has run her family bakery for decades, but is now in debt and can't find proper help until one day Rose shows up and brings new hope.

Charlie didn't have a choice when his family immigrated from Taiwan to the United States. He doesn't want to pursue his own desires while his family is trying to find their footing in a new country until one day he sees Rose standing outside a bakery. . . [read more]

4) Fake Relationships

Look under Romance or YA Romance for "Fake Relationship" stories like these:

Out of My League by Sarah Sutton

When my boyfriend dumps me at a party, the captain of the baseball team and the most popular guy at Bayview High, Walsh Hunter, decides to make a spectacle of my mortification. He jumps in, throws his arm around me, and declares his undying love for me. In front of everyone. Except I’m the only one who realizes he’s faking it. . . . [read more]

Treasured in Turtle Bay by Jess Mastorakos

I've been known to jump headfirst into adventure without thinking about the consequences, but pretending to be married? That was never on my thrill-seeking to-do list.

It's not Molly's fault her ex left her high and dry, but his loss is my gain. If she needs a fake husband for the honeymoon of a lifetime, count me in. Fancy dinners? Excursions? No complaints from me. But the more time I spend with Molly . . . [read more]

5) Billionaire/Royalty Romance

Look in the Romance category for the "Billionaire" or "Royal" trope, or Historical Romance for "Royal" or "Fantasy" for love stories like these:

Rose’s past with the ultrarich makes her cautious to enter that world again. When her sister injures her foot and needs Rose to fill in as a nanny to a billionaire's children, how can she say no? It’s only for a month and will nicely pad her bank account between films. So off to Greece she goes. She’s surprised to find that the children aren’t the brats she imagined. Plus the head of security is very attractive. . . . [read more]

His Royal Request by Brittney Mulliner

When Charlie arrives in Ireland, she's hoping to find direction. Instead, she feels more lost than ever. That is, until she meets the mysterious Aiden who offers her the adventure of a lifetime. The only catch? She has to pretend to be his girlfriend at a family wedding. . . A royal wedding. . . . [read more]


I hope this mini-tour gave you some good ideas for your 2023 reading list!

Stay tuned next week for some lesser-known tropes on our website where you can find some hidden treasures!

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