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Springtime, New Beginnings, and Fresh Starts: A Round-Up of Second-Chance Romances

I have especially been enjoying all the blossoming trees, sprouting tulips and daffodils, and all the signs of new life this spring. I'm not sure exactly why, but the flowers, buds, and blossoms have really filled my heart this year, and have left me

pondering on the gift of life, second chances, and fresh starts. What a joy this time of year is, and a profound reminder of new hope and the ability for things to come to life again, whether it's plants, personal dreams and goals, or relationships.

So with that, I thought it a fitting time to highlight some sweet stories of forgiveness and fresh starts. I think there's something in all of us that resonates with the "second-chance" romance trope. Here is a round-up from our website of second chance romances:

Second Chance Romances

Persuading the Captain by Rachel John

Eight years ago, Anne broke off their engagement, afraid they were too young. It was a decision she’s regretted ever since. But Eric seems fine, and even suggests they stop avoiding each other for the week and enjoy having mutual friends. That’s easy for him to say when Anne’s flirty sisters-in-law are so eager for his attention.

Eric Wentworth is not okay. He’s sort of accidentally dating one of Anne’s relatives. He’s introduced his lovelorn best friend to Anne, and they’ve hit it off. Worst of all, they won’t be parting at the end of week like he thought. They swore they'd never give each other a second chance, but sometimes life has other plans . . . [read more]

Her Second Chance by Anne-Marie Meyer

Zach "The Stud" Stedman has it all. As an Offensive Lineman for the Georgia Patriots, life couldn't get any better. Until Danielle returns.

Danielle is just trying to survive. As a single, working mom, she's put her past behind her and is trying to do what's best for her son. Reuniting with Zach was not part of her plan. If only Zach wasn't so nice. If only she were stronger. If only he wasn't the exact thing that's been missing in her life . . . [read more]

Just Ella by Annette K. Larsen

Ariella is royalty, a princess of Dalthia. When she meets Gavin, a palace gardener who both catches her eye and challenges her authority, she feels drawn to him . . . Even if their relationship wasn’t forbidden, finding her way back to his arms is more than unlikely; it seems impossible, especially when Gavin returns—betrothed to someone else. Having him so close and yet entirely out of reach is an agony Ella has never known, but one she must learn to endure. Torn between duty and her heart, Ella can only hope she can find a way to break free of social constraints and earn a second chance with Gavin . . . [read more]

Harmony by Cindy Ray Hale

Destiny is dating Isaac Robinson but is not completely sure she’s made the right decision. Preston Nelson re-enters her life and fights to win her back. Destiny struggles to resist the undeniable chemistry between them and is left feeling more confused than ever. When Destiny’s school issues a new policy, her family realizes they may have to sacrifice more than they’re willing to stay at the only school they’ve ever known. Is Destiny’s bond with Isaac strong enough to last, or should she give Preston another chance? . . . [read more]

Dizzy in Love by Brittany Larsen

People call me Dizzy Izzy. Between my elopement, divorce, bankruptcy, and arrest, they may not be wrong. (For the record, the misdemeanor wasn’t my fault. I blame my ADD). Jayden Holt, aka Your Honor, is more buttoned-up than a middle-aged accountant, but he’s the only one who’s ever seen me as more than a screw-up. He just happens to be my first love, my first heartbreak–and the judge at my first courtroom appearance. Imagine my surprise when sparks fly and the possibility of a new relationship has me spinning. Until some surprising news has me reconsidering . . . [read more]

Falling for the Diva by Lisa Swinton

For three years, Giuseppe has carried the guilt and shame of running away from the woman he loves. Soon he’ll be holding her in his arms—onstage. Fiona’s reaction will tell him if they could have a second act, or if she’s cast him as the villain and found a new leading man. He’ll have to win her forgiveness and her love if there’s any hope of a happily-ever-after. Since Giuseppe left her heartbroken, Fiona has lived a lie. Falling in love with him and dying by his hand at every performance are easier than dropping her act and . . . [read more]

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