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Happy Spring!

According to the calendar, it's been spring for over a week now, but here in Minnesota, it's still pretty chilly outside. Yet, the snow is melting, the sun is shining more, and air is ripe with sounds of bird chirping and singing. I can't wait to go on bike rides, plant my garden, and see all the new tree buds and flowers blooming. Spring is such a hopeful, cheerful time of year, full of new beginnings and second chances.

So, whether you have a case of spring fever and need a little boost, or spring is well under way in your neck of the woods, here is a round-up of Springtime and Second-Chance Romances to enjoy!

Springtime and Second Chances Reading List

Spring expects to see beautiful yellow and pink tulips blooming when she arrives in Finch’s Crossing. But she does not expect to see him. The man who broke her heart twenty years earlier. And has he named his little bookshop after her? Really? How dare he even try to talk to her! She has only come for a quick visit with her sister. After all, she has an exciting future in New York City where she will be feted as one of the country’s top models. But the heart wants what the heart wants and they cannot resist the pull . . . [read more]

Mary Ann owns a flourishing small town flower shop and has little time for anything else. She wasn’t looking for love when a grieving Connor Norton, in town to attend his mother’s funeral, walks into her shop and into her life. Four months later, Connor leaves his corporate job and the city life for good, returning to his hometown with Tom, his cat. Connor knows he never should’ve left Mary Ann. But he doesn’t know things have changed. Can they get over past hurts and . . . [read more]

Jane Hartford fell head over heels for Jackson at the tender age of fifteen. She spent most of high school pining for him, until she realized he wasn't going to see her as anything more than his baby sister's best friend. Now she finds herself single with a daughter, a broken heart, and songs that remind her of a long lost love. Jackson Wright is a man living with regret. His biggest one, never acting on his feelings for Jane. When he returns to Bellebrook, the town they grew up in, he literally runs into her and his world gets . . . [read more]

Kat swore off horses after a riding accident took her sister. Five years later she still blames herself and deals with the guilt by getting lost in city lights, a corporate job, and a sham of an engagement. But when she returns home for her brother Jesse’s wedding, the past comes creeping back. She’s not sure she can face the memories, especially because many of them she shared with her brother’s best friend, Creed—a man Kat’s been in love with since high school . . . [read more]

Movie makeup artist Maddie is on her way to London for her next job. The paycheck from the vampire/werewolf movie will make her dream of living in L.A.a reality. Cha-ching. She’s equally thrilled about and terrified of seeing Connor again. In Italy, she thought he was a boring stuffy accountant type and rebuffed his advances. But the last six months of texts and chats have proved her first impressions wrong. Dead wrong. Connor should’ve moved on after Maddie shot him down in Italy. But when she comes to his hometown . . . [read more]

And there you have it! Have a wonderful week, and as always, happy reading!

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