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A Round Up of Sweet Bakery Romances

It's almost Thanksgiving, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than curling up with a sweet bakery romance? From warm summer days to cozy Christmas, small town to movie star, there's something for everyone to indulge their heart and sweet tooth this weekend! Happy eating and happy reading!

A story of second chances, the power of love, and the magic of Christmas.

Annabelle Harrison left her hometown of Wintervale, Vermont at eighteen to pursue her dream of becoming a famous pastry chef, and now she co-owns an up-and-coming bistro in Manhattan. But when she is called home at Christmas to care for her beloved grandmother after an accident, she is forced to confront her past, including her first and only love, James Everley.

James, now a widower and single father, runs the most popular restaurant and is doing his to best to move on from . . . [read more]

First, he ghosted her. Now, he has a proposition...

Taryn Lawson needs more customers in her bakery to prove she's capable of taking over the family business. The summer fair is the perfect opportunity to jump-start her vision with a specialized booth showcasing her creative desserts. Despite her fierce work ethic, she needs help to build her booth in time. Unfortunately, the only person available is the handsome attorney who played with her heart last Christmas . . . [read more]

He has enough charm for Hollywood, but she’s not impressed. Can he win this baker’s heart?

Bakery owner Alexis Remington has had a crush on Owen Hadley since before he was a world-famous actor. When she finds out he’s going to be the best man in the wedding where she’s the maid of honor, she feels incredibly nervous. But her anxiety quickly turns to anger when she realizes her old crush is cutting into her bakery’s much-needed revenue with the competition he’s created by opening a restaurant with a pastry chef. . . [read more]

When Love Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Pie.

Ambitious pastry chef Mila Warner dreams of winning the Taste of the North Shore Festival bake-off, hoping it will catapult her onto the regional food scene once and for all. Maybe claiming the top prize will be her ticket to earning a livable income without holding down three jobs . . .

As interim editor of the Lakeshore Weekly, Cam Beckett has four weeks to plan a special supplement for the local food festival . . . [read more]

If you had a second chance with your childhood crush, would you throw caution to the wind and try again…or take a step back and forget about your brother’s best friend?

Ari: When your good friend asks you to be the ambassador for her new food truck, what do you do? You say yes! At least that’s what I did––and then I found out my co-worker is my high school crush who is also my older brother’s best friend. Never mind the kiss we shared years ago . . . [read more]

After life takes five women on different paths, a death brings them home. But friendship might not be enough to keep them together.

When Bria Landon and her estranged father each inherit fifty percent of a small-town cupcake shop, her dad hires her worst enemy, and first love, to turn the place into a soulless franchise…or sell it. To save her aunt’s legacy, Bria needs the help of people who love the bakery as much as she does—her old friends who worked there fifteen years ago. Except each woman is dealing with her own problem . . . [read more]

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