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Fall Reading List!

It's that time of year when days are cool and crisp, pumpkins and apples abound, and Mother Nature puts on her prettiest colors. And boy, do we have a fun reading list for you! A little spooky and a little sweet.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list and get into that autumn and Halloween spirit with your next sweet read!

A lost soul searching for hope . . .

After a devastating loss, a young lady throws herself into searching for her missing brother and taking solace in finishing her musical composition. When a handsome and captivating stranger comes to town one All Hallows Eve, she dares to hope for more than her endlessly lonely existence.

Unable to flee the memories of war, a retired cavalry captain ... [read more]

What if love was enough to make a family?

One cool fall morning, foster mom Maya Hays finds an abandoned baby girl in the pumpkin patch outside her house. By the next day, the baby’s uncle, Wyatt Reynolds, has flown in from New York to take his niece home. The only problem? He’s a great doctor, but absolutely clueless with babies. Maya agrees to help Wyatt learn how to be a good dad, despite her own maternal feelings towards ... [read more]

She was invisible to him, until her loving betrayal opened his eyes…and his heart.

One plus-sized wallflower plus one dashing bachelor equals one compromising situation. Can a marriage destined for loneliness become a match made in heaven? The fact that the eldest daughter of the Earl of Shelton is no match for the dashing Earl of Danvers does not mean she can't fall hopelessly in love with him. But love from afar is enough for Lady Petronella Westerly. When she discovers ... [read more]

How do you move on from someone you never fell out of love with?

I swear, I've got to be the only person on the planet that hates Halloween. At least the only person in my small town of Hallow, and they practically worship the holiday. Ugh. And my ex-boyfriend, Lucas, thinks he can change my mind by making me take part in “festive activities.” Apparently carving pumpkins and watching scary movies is going to magically change my mind about ... [read more]

Nothing will keep Louisa from searching for an ancient fortune . . .

When Louisa Banner's mother announces they are poor, she cannot help her misgivings when her mother sends her away to live with her great aunt in a tiny, Northumberland village. Louisa's aunt also happens to live near the ruins of an ancient castle. Although Louisa insists she is not the least bit superstitious, tales of lost treasure and ghosts intrigue her. When Louisa ... [read more]

How could she let this happen?

Autumn’s life used to be idyllic. Now she may have to leave her happy life and lovely home in Finch’s Crossing to save her career. And here she is, with her own life in turmoil, standing in a pumpkin patch trying to save a little girl. The orphan is supposed to be moving with her new guardian to New York City. Autumn may escalate things by trashing his car. He may call her a pumpkin bumpkin. And she tells him in no-uncertain terms that ... [read more]

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