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A Little About Us

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Hello and welcome!

Finding a romance book that is clean of language, sexual content, and violence gets harder every day for the everyday-clean-romance-reader, and how do we know that? Well, because the members of our team ARE everyday-clean-romance-readers! When we saw that gap in the reading world, we knew we had to try to create the ultimate clean romance book hub for our fellow readers. And poof! My Sweet Romance Books was created.

A bit about our team...

My Sweet Romance is a product of Howard Marketing Group--a marketing company dedicated to helping self-published authors find success with their novels through paid advertisement, social media, and any other way we can help them succeed! Our team here at My Sweet Romance Books is comprised 100% of stay-at-home (and book-loving) moms that love the chance to aid their family financially as well as be at home with their little ones.

We are excited to continue to grow My Sweet Romance Books and are thrilled to have such an amazing community of readers and authors of clean romance!

Have any questions about us? Comment down below!

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