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Hi, Nice to Meet You!

Did you know that My Sweet Romance Books is a women-owned and operated business? Our team is comprised 100% of stay-at-home-moms that love reading and love being able to provide for their family as well! It's the best when you can relate to your coworkers on so many levels--creativity styles, book preferences, toddler tantrums, nap schedules...You know, the normal workplace stuff!(;

My Sweet Romance Books is a product of Howard Marketing Group--a marketing company dedicated to helping self-published authors find success with their novels through paid advertisement, social media, and any other way the team can help them succeed. It was from this group of women, that we created My Sweet Romance Books!

Meet Our Team Leaders


Our fabulous leader!

Trisha is wonder woman. Not only is she an amazing business owner (of multiple businesses, if we might add) and boss, but she is also a wife and a mother to 4 beautiful children. How she keeps up with everything, we might never know, but what we do know is that she is the ultimate hype man with a personality that oozes with genuine love and kindness. We love her and you should too!

Here's some fun facts about Trisha!

  1. Her favorite author is Jenny Colgan but that changes daily.

  2. Her favorite snack is Boom Chica Pop Kettle popcorn.

  3. Her guilty pleasure is reading teen in Sarah J. Maas.

  4. If she won the lottery, she would pay off her husband's student loans (law school is $$$!!) BUT then...I'd buy her whole family (parents, siblings, their kids) tickets for a Disney Cruise.

  5. An item on her bucket list is a European Bread Tour. Because...bread!


Website Manager + other stuff

Hi, it's me--the writer behind the screen! I would say I have my hands in about every aspect of MSRB, so I live and breathe sweet romance books! I'm a stay-at-home mom with one toddler and a baby girl on the way. I'm not one to toot my own horn so I will just say that I think most people find me generally pleasant to be around, and hopefully others agree! Trisha, comment below if you think otherwise.(;

Here's some fun facts about me, Shayla!

  1. My favorite book is "The Shoemakers Wife" and my favorite book recommendations always come from my mom.

  2. My favorite snack is popcorn or chips and salsa

  3. My guilty pleasure is reality t.v. and the Twilight Saga -- no shame here!

  4. If I won the lottery, I would pay for a whole lot of meal-kit services because "yay, no cooking," and then I would spend the rest on warm vacations with my family!

  5. An item on my bucket list is to go on a big shopping spree where I can buy as many leggings and t-shirts as my heart desires because #comfort.

It's such an honor to be apart of such a fun community of sweet romance book lovers!

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1 Comment

Mar 10, 2022

Shayla really does NOT like to toot her own horn, but I'll do that for her! Shayla has built this website and everything that goes into it...on.her.own. She's simply amazing and she truly is the nicest and most pleasant person to be around! I feel SO lucky that she works with me! Love you Shay!!!

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