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30 Gift Ideas for A Book Lover

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list? Well, look no further! Books aren't the only gift for the book lover in your life. Here is a round-up of gift ideas that will delight anyone who loves to read- including yourself!

Clothing, Blankets, Etc.

There are so many unique and creative bookish clothing pieces out there. I just did a quick internet search and found some fun examples. Use these pieces as a starting point or get online and search for accessories designed from the books/authors your loved one enjoys.

1. Custom T-shirts

Check out this adorable T-shirt! I love the saying on it. You can find so many T-shirts with cheeky sayings on them or designed with quotes and characters from books online.


2. Socks

Who doesn't love crazy socks? Find this pair and many others on or do a quick search for socks inspired by your favorite series. Even Target carries many socks for the more popular books, like Harry Potter.


3. Literary Scarves

Look at this adorable Jane Austen-inspired scarf! There are many scarves out there with words from your loved one's favorite book. I also loved this Anne of Green Gables literary scarf.

Source (Jane Austen):

Source (Anne):

4. Cute Pillow

Isn't the quote on this pillow so true? Let your book lover show off their favorite past-time to all their guests.


5. Cozy Blanket

Let your loved one curl up with their next book in this personalized blanket from Every book lover needs a cozy, soft blanket to keep them warm while reading, whether it's a personalized blanket like this, or any cuddly blanket really, would make a great gift!


Reading goes hand in hand with rest and relaxation. Your book lover will appreciate these gifts that will take their binge-reading sessions to the next level of comfort.

6. Candles

These aren't just any candles! These unique and creative candles are sure to please!

This library-scented candle will transport your loved one to the quiet corners of their favorite library or bookstore.


I love these custom "Literature Candles" from Choose curated scents from your book lover's favorite classics. Also check out these candles with a similar vibe on


7. Tea

Reading and sipping a warm cup of tea go hand in hand. A box of tea is a great gift for the book lover in your life.

Can you imagine sipping a cup of Emily Bronte-inspired tea while escaping into the world of Wuthering Heights? Check out these "literary teas" on or these "Novel Teas Book Lover's Tea" on

Source (Literary Teas): or this

Source (Novel Teas Book Lover's Tea):

Aren't these adorable? Here is another set of literature-inspired tea flavors packed in collectible tins shaped like the books themselves.

8. Mugs

Of course, your loved one needs to have something to sip their tea or hot cocoa from while they are reading, and what's better than these handmade literary mugs? Or find any number of custom mugs with cute book lover sayings online.

9. Bathtub Tray

Help your book lover enjoy reading while soaking in a bubble bath with this bathtub tray. Not only does it hold a tablet or book, but there is space for a drink, cell phone, candle, you name it. Bath time just got a whole lot more enjoyable!


10. Sofa Essentials Side Pocket

This sofa pocket keeps your loved one's latest read handy and protected and is a very thoughtful gift.

Book Accessories

Check out these must-have accessories to make your loved one's reading experience more enjoyable.

11. Personalized Bookmarks

Who doesn't need--and love-- a good, unique bookmark? Find these beautiful and custom bookmarks here:

Source (Personalized leather bookmarks):

Source (Handcrafted wooden bookmarks):

Source (Personalized hand-embroidered corner bookmarks):

12. Reading Journal

What a thoughtful gift for a book lover- a place to record their thoughts, favorite passages, and keep a log of the books they read over time. Find these and many other kinds of reading journals online.

Source (Romance Book reading journal):

Source (Clockwork Reader journal):

Source (Regolden Bookstore reading journal):

13. Book Stamp

If your loved one is a person who loves to share their books, a personalized book stamp is a thoughtful gift to help them keep track of their beloved books and add that personal touch to their home library.


14. Personalized Embosser

Or instead of a rubber stamp, how about personalized embosser? Check out this gorgeous embosser at



These helpful gadgets are a no-brainer for anyone who loves to read!

15. Earbuds/Headphones

These waterproof earbuds are a great gift for the busy reader who loves to get their reading in by listening. And they can even use them while exercising or enjoying a soak in the bath!


16. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Anyone who reads on a screen will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Find blue-light blocking glasses here or at many retail stores.


17. Reading Light

This is a great gift for the reader who loves to stay up late reading in bed.


Or try this neck reading light! Totally hands-free.


18. Kindle Case

A unique kindle/e-reader case is a fun and creative gift for your book lover. I love these faux leather cases designed as book cover classics.


19. Tablet Holder

Help your loved one enjoy their books in ultimate comfort with this soft and cuddly tablet holder.


Games/For Fun

I love playing games almost as much as I love reading. Check out these creative games for book lovers!

20. Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game

Board game + Pride and Prejudice? Drooling now!


21. Lit Chat Conversation Starters

What a fun pack of card to take along on a road trip or keep in your purse!


22. Writers Genius Playing Cards

Enjoy learning fun facts about many famous authors while playing your favorite card games.


23. Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition

Book lovers' edition? Maybe I will finally beat my dad and brother at trivia!


24. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This creative poster is a bucket list of books to read- and you get to scratch off each one as you go! How fun is that?


This is a hands-down, awesome gift for anyone who is obsessed with any specific books/series. Of course, it will be easier to find memorabilia for books that are more popular or widely known, but you never know what you can find on Etsy, an author's website, or fan websites. Think replicas, 3D models, cookbooks from the era, or any collectibles. The examples I'm giving below may be a little cliche, but they are from a couple of my personal favorite books. Hopefully they will inspire some ideas for gifts based on your loved one's favorite books!

25. Harry Potter merchandise for any Harry Potter fan!

Wizard's chess, anyone? What a fun gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life.


Collectibles from your loved one's favorite series is always a great gift, like these Harry Potter-style wands.


26. A Dowdle puzzle of Prince Edward Island for the Anne of Green Gables fan.

I am a huge Anne of Green Gables fan, and I actually watched the episode of "Painting the Town" on BYU-TV with Eric Dowdle where he explored Prince Edward Island and got to know many locals there to gain inspiration for this puzzle. This would be such a fun gift!


27. Little House Cookbook for the Laura Ingalls Wilder fan.

I chose this as an example because I personally would love to receive this gift- I am a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. But there are many kinds of books like this for lots of genres and series.


Biography/Autographed Keepsake from Favorite Author

These are some of the best kinds of gifts I have received. And this category goes beyond biographies or other fact book relating to the author, series, or time period. If you peruse an author's website, you may be able to procure copies of books with the author's autograph or other such personalized keepsakes from the author themselves. Maybe a ticket to meet the author in person at their next book signing! I once was able to meet my favorite food blogger in person, and the cookbook that she personally autographed for me is such a treasure!

28. Biography of favorite author

I received this book as a gift last Christmas, and I adore it. I am really enjoying learning more about the life of my favorite author. An autobiography or biography of your loved one's favorite author is a wonderful gift.


29. Books that explore behind-the-scenes or other interesting facts related to a series

Again, I used one of my very favorite book series as an example of supplemental books that explore a book series or genre. This particular book is so fun for those who love Laura Ingalls Wilder--learning background information about the book series is very interesting. Get online and you'll find these kinds of "supplemental" books for many different series and genres.


Cozy Reading Goody Basket

Last but not least, what book lover wouldn't love a cute basket full of reading goodies?

30. Reading gift basket

Pick a book (or 2 or 3!) and fill a basket with any of the goodies from the list above for the reader to enjoy-- hot cocoa, tea, a cozy blanket, bookmarks, etc.

And there you have it! I hope you feel as inspired as I am for your gift list. And maybe you will treat yourself as well! :) As always, happy reading!

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