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5 Ways to Incorporate a Hygge Spirit into Your Life.

Some may say you can’t create hygge, it is just something that happens. While that may be true, you can definitely incorporate these ideas to bring the hygge spirit into your home.

Create a Cozy Environment

Hygge happens in places we feel comfortable—so make your favorite places cozy. Consider adding to the mix a soft blanket, a comfortable loveseat, a shaggy rug, or even a lamp with a warm-light bulb (the perfect reading companion). Some say having nature in your house creates more hygge, so get some plants and make your living areas comfy!

Turn Down the Lights

Want a quick way to bring in the hygge vibe? Light a candle. Trust me on this. Candles can bring energy into your home like nothing else can. Warmth, energy, and light all coming from one small source. It almost feels magical, and that’s the vibe you are looking for.

Open a Book

When is the last time you read an actual physical book? I love audiobooks but I usually listen to them in the car or while doing the dishes. It is a different feeling when you get in your comfortable chair, open a physical book, and get lost in it. By doing this, you are choosing to be present in the moment, which is very hygge.

Learn to Remove Distractions

Put the phone down—be present in the moment you are in, and relish in it. The distraction of your phone will always be there. Likewise, the to do list can wait—there will always be things to do. Give yourself some grace and time to recharge by telling yourself those lists can wait a few hours or even until the next day. Your friends want 100% of you and so does your partner and/or kids.

Connect with Others

Make effort to connect with others. Plan a dinner party. Join at club. Learn a new skill or hobby. Join a singing group. Step out of your regular routine and enjoy learning something new. It will feel good to stretch your mind and expand your abilities.

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