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What is Hygge?

Have you heard about the craze over hygge? People keep taking about it, how to cultivate it in their lives and homes, but what even is hygge?

For starters its pronounced “hoo-ga” and it is a common word used in Norway and Denmark. Hygge is a feeling, a verb, a mass noun, and a state of mind. It can be used to describe a mood or situation. Pretty hard to believe right? It feels like complete contentment in the moment. There is no rush, no judgement, no agenda, it is relaxing but can still be stimulating for the mind.

The winter months are long in Denmark and Norway, sometimes with only an hour of sunlight. Creating a hygge environment and mindset can help you get through the long winters. I do believe that creating a hygge mindset can make life more peaceful.

Picture this.

It has been snowing outside for hours, the house is quiet, and you are able to snuggle up with a

cozy blanket wearing fuzzy socks and reading your favorite book. All while simultaneously drinking your favorite warm drink. No distractions, no rush. Just envisioning scenario makes me feel all warm inside. And that’s a feeling of hygge.

Here is another scenario.

You invite a couple close friends over for a dinner party, everyone contributes food and while eating, you enjoy telling stories and catching up. There are candles lit and everyone feels welcome and loved. There are no contentious conversations, people aren’t distracted by their phones or other to-dos, and there is no rush to leave. Everyone is purely enjoying each other’s company and living in the moment.

Has this happened to you before? Can you picture in your mind and imagine what this would feel like? Do you feel relaxed thinking about it?

As Americans, we tend to pride ourselves on busy-ness. Being productive and being on top of all the tasks in our lives are often thought of as badges of honor. We relax occasionally, but only when we really make the time—and sometimes relaxation is just an afterthought. Creating a hygge mindset can help us feel content in the moment, almost like adopting a “smell the roses” mindset. So be present. Do it for yourself, your family, and your friends. And enjoy the serenity and fulfillment that follow.

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