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Summer Reading List - Part 2

We still have plenty of amazing summer books to send your way! So check out this second part to the "Your Summer Reading List." Don't forget that all books on My Sweet Romance Books follow our Book Content Standards!

His timing couldn’t be worse . . .

Summer has returned to Finch’s Crossing to put down roots for the first time in a decade. She has a vibrant new business. A lovely childhood home full of happy memories. Good friends.

And now he comes into her life? This wonderful, wandering man...[read more]


What do you do when you make the biggest mistake and fall in love with your best friend’s brother? Marley is trying to figure that out. This is the summer she has decided to tell him, but when Ty shows up for his annual visit, something is wrong. Instead of the picture perfect summer—Marley envisioned—filled with fun and a happily ever after, it’s filled with secrets and heart ache...[read more]

Newly graduated from high school with her whole world in front of her, Isabella has everything she could ever ask for until she meets Sebastian.

A boy whose life is falling apart before his eyes.

A boy who is not in high society and, therefore, her mother would never approve.

A boy who seems to put her at ease like no one else has ever done....[read more]

Where one love ends, another begins. Josephine has run her family bakery for decades, but is now in debt and can't find proper help until one day Rose shows up and brings new hope.

Charlie didn't have a choice when his family immigrated from Taiwan to the United States. He doesn't want to pursue his own desires while his family is trying to find their footing in a new country until one day he sees Rose standing outside a bakery....[read more]


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