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Meet an Author: Anne-Marie Meyer

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

About Anne-Marie Meyer

Anne-Marie Meyer is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives south of the Twin Cities in MN.

When she's not running after her kids, she's dreaming up romantic stories. She loves to take her favorite moments in the books and movies she loves and tries to figure out a way to make them new and fresh.

From Anne-Marie Meyer

I'm a die-hard romance fan from just south of the Twin Cities in MN. I live with my King and four princes and probably a little too spoiled princess.

I've been writing for over 6 years and it is my favorite thing to do besides spend time with my family.

I love things that make me laugh. I eat Twizzlers when I write. And I think there is a FRIENDS quote for just about every conversation I have.

I'm dedicated to bringing you SWEET romance that makes you sigh with kisses that curl your toes.

So pull up your comfiest chair and open a book.

Check out Anne-Marie Meyer's Books!

We are so happy to have Anne-Marie Meyer apart of the My Sweet Romance Books authors!

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