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Interview with Author Clover Clements

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We are delighted to share with you our first author interview! We love the authors on My Sweet Romance Books, and it's so fun to get to know the person behind the writing. We hope you enjoy getting to know Clover Clements!

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All I was trying to do was get out of my comfort zone. One tiny little New Year’s resolution, and suddenly I’m the center of attention in the auditorium, ready to puke. This was not the goal. Neither was having Alder Hendricks, the biggest crush of my life, looking at me so mouthwateringly. Well, he’s pretending to look at me that way. It’s his role in the play. But he sure is good at it.

It’s just a play, June. But remember, boys can’t be trusted.

How can I keep him at arm’s length when we’re supposed to kiss on stage? . . . [read more]

There’s something off about this town. What is the deal with the lunch lady on horseback, the ice cream parlor psychic, and the rude town tour guide? And the unspoken thing no one will talk about? Plus, no one knows anything about the town mayor. Don’t misunderstand; the towering mountains and dense pines are beautiful. The residents are great, and the tourists are fantastic for people-watching. But the thing that doesn’t fit the most are the glasses covering Anna Burke’s pale, intense eyes . . . [read more]

As if Lucas Lamont couldn’t get any more infuriating, he’s now pulling pranks on me. And it’s irritating how fun retaliating turns out to be. Lucas’s new attention to me doesn’t fit the adventurous junior year I’m supposed to be having. Chasing me down the halls and throughout town, laughing, is not how we are supposed to behave. I should not be thinking about how to prank him back, and I am not supposed to feel a zing of adrenaline every time he turns those green eyes on me . . . [read more]

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