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How Does My Sweet Romance Books Work?

Our goal is to make the ultimate hub for clean romance books for both readers and authors! On our website you can find this purpose statement:

What books are on the website?

We work directly with sweet romance authors by creating monthly subscriptions they can purchase to have their book(s) listed on the website!

In order to best ensure that each book meets our "clean" standards we have authors read through our Book Content Standards and agree that their book meets each standard. They acknowledge that if their book is found to NOT meet standards, the book will immediately be taken down and they will not be refunded. As an added measure, we also have an approval team look over each book and approve or deny it for the website. We do our absolute best to make sure that each book fits into our "clean sweet romance" category--it is SO IMPORTANT to us and our readers!

How do I find my next favorite book?

Play the video below to see how YOU can find your next favorite book!

We are excited to help you find your next favorite book!

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