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Happy Fall! I love this time of year--cool weather, sweaters, pumpkins, and bonfires. Perfect for cozying up with a newfound sweet romance book! 😊 This week, I wanted to tell you about some awesome things coming up on the blog, and some cool features of our My Sweet Romance Books world.


As I mentioned last week, I love books and stories in all their forms—books, movies, shows, music, theater, etc. And what I love almost more than the stories themselves is the world that they bring to life. It’s so much fun to learn the back story of a character or discover the history of the place the story is set in, whether fictitious or real. I love "behind the scenes" information because it helps me connect with the story and gives it more depth and meaning.

As a fellow book lover, I am assuming you are well-versed in the world of Harry Potter (I mean, who doesn’t love Harry Potter??) I remember when Warner Bros. was getting ready to release the first Fantastic Beasts movie, and JK Rowling wrote a mini-series on (now of the history of wizards in America. I loved reading it! It was fascinating to see the wizarding world expand across continents and discover other characters’ stories and how they were to play a part in the story of Newt Scamander and the Fantastic Beasts. That mini-series helped build my anticipation for the upcoming movies and experience Fantastic Beasts in a deeper way.

We here at My Sweet Romance Books (MSRB) want this blog to be a place where fellow readers can explore together the literary worlds we love, helping us experience our books in deeper way. We also want MSRB to be a place

where aspiring authors and writing enthusiasts can learn and share tips about writing, graphic design, and research. We want MSRB to be the place where you come to find your next sweet read, and then after you find it, you come over to the blog to learn how to host a successful book club for the book you now love.

In the My Sweet Romance Books Blog, here are some things you can look forward to:

  • Features on favorite authors and books

  • Resources on things like character development, graphics, book clubs, and more

  • Reading lists for every holiday and season

  • Guest posts from your favorite authors

  • Explorations of series, genres, and characters

  • Any other tidbits that we find and know you’ll love!


How about those times when you've stayed up until 1:00 AM because you couldn’t put your book down and you finished the epic ending with the twist you never saw coming and you are bursting to tell somebody about it? We have a place for that too!

In addition to and blog, we have a Facebook page for readers and an exclusive Facebook group for our subscribing authors. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to join a wonderful community of clean and wholesome book lovers. We share and discuss all sorts of things about books and do fun things like quizzes and prize giveaways. Connect with other readers, authors, graphic designers, content editors—anyone who loves books like you and I do.


Lastly, we have a monthly newsletter that will share highlights from the blog, in case you missed something, as well as features of our favorite books from each month. Subscribe to our newsletter below so you don’t miss out!

Until next week! In the meanwhile, check out our Facebook and Instagram. And, as always, happy reading! 😊

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