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Destination: Adventure!

Spring is here, the snow has (mostly) melted, the sun is shining, and its spring break season. Travel is on my mind. While my family usually doesn't take a big vacation for spring break, we love to get out and adventure by exploring museums, parks, and other things nearby.

If you're like me and have young kids that make it difficult to travel, or not enough funds, there are many ways to still "get out" and explore the world.

During the first few months of the pandemic, when everything was still shut down, school had shifted to distance learning, and it was still pretty cold outside, my family started doing an "Around the World" night every other week. Each time, we picked a different country and ate traditional food, played some games or an activity from that culture, and watched a movie or some YouTube travel videos related to that country. A couple times we

even put up some decorations to make it feel more authentic. We loved these Around the World nights. It was so much fun to learn about other cultures and have something to look forward to as a family, even if we couldn't actually get out and travel the world.

You're probably going to guess the next alternative method of "traveling the world" that I am going to suggest:


Just like Belle in Beauty and the Beast says: "Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big." That's one of the magical things about books--they can take you places you've always dreamed of going without ever having to leave your seat.

Source: Pinterest

I highly encourage all three methods of exploring! Whether you have an epic spring break vacation planned or not, a little adventure is healthy for the soul. To recap:

  • Go explore your own hometown or county. Find the treasures nearby you-- hikes, museums, trampoline parks, zoos, indie bookstores, you name it!

  • Take time to learn about other cultures and places on our beautiful planet, and if you feel so inspired, host your own version of an Around the World night.

  • And of course, try out a new book set in a place you've always wanted to visit. If you need inspiration, check out some examples from our website below.

Happy Spring break and happy adventuring! And, as always, happy reading!


A Sampling of Destination Romances from My Sweet Romance Books

How far would you go to escape heartbreak? For Los Angeles-based legislative analyst Caroline Fuller, even 8,000 miles didn't feel like enough, But now that she's found herself in the dangerous crosshairs of war-torn Baghdad working a government contract, she's forced to wonder: did she go too far? Lost and desperate for direction, every move she makes seems to put her in increasing danger and her new environment proves hostile in more ways than one. Who can she trust to help her navigate . . . [read more]

Clara Little is a ballerina who has spent the last several years as a soloist with the Los Angeles Ballet Theater waiting to prove that she has what it takes to become a Principal dancer. When one of the headline dancers slated to appear in the World Stars of Ballet showcase suddenly goes down, Clara's is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. Prince David, the Duke of Leeds, is a workaholic member of the British royal family who prefers to maintain a low profile. When he is suddenly called home to London to clean up yet another mess made by his cousin . . . [read more]

Caroline’s job as personal assistant to billionaire Evelyn Sutton takes her to the family beach house on Palmer Island. She’s looking forward to a few quiet days getting the house ready. She didn’t expect to find her boss’s youngest son swimming in the pool. Pete Sutton plays the spoiled rich guy well. It affords him the privacy to do the charity work that’s important to him. He likes his mother’s PA too much for a quick fling, but dating anyone is out of the question. He’s still licking his wounds from his one and only serious relationship. Neither one of them is looking for love, but can they ignore the chemistry between them when they are stuck together on beautiful Palmar Island? . . . [read more]

A little tent in a cool mountain forest. That's just what Molly, an exhausted coffee shop owner needs - and some distance from the latest romantic train wreck in her life. Unfortunately, an adorable old dog has come wandering into her space, followed by an irresponsible but handsome owner. Now she finds herself wondering if she should extend her stay just a little longer, and give him a chance to prove himself. . . . [read more]

Camille prefers the title passionately obsessive to workaholic. But when her lack of sleep and diet of fish and chips land her in the ER, this makeup CEO heads to the French Riviera for some long overdue rest and relaxation. Days of sunrise yoga, healthy eating (no croissants!), and reading endless books are torture for hustle and bustle Camille. Tristan’s walking back into her life is exactly the kind of diversion she needs. He does things to her heart her doctor wouldn’t approve of. Tristan is elated to be reunited with his secret university crush and eagerly . . . [read more]

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